事業内容 Project 事業内容 Project

フォワーディング Forwarding



International Department's strategy is to build a strong global net workin order to support international freight movement for ll your transportation needs.
At the same time we understand the importance of maintaining the quality. From where it is come from, our specialists in his department provide a fully worked out-plan to meet your requirements. Innovation in our International department is an ssential factor.
For us, success depends upon your satisfaction and we keep challenging to achieve our goal.


We provide customers direct access to our logistic system in Europe.
You will be satisfied with our best quality of forwarding service.

通関 Import&Export


スピーディーにそして適切に。 検疫貨物から食品まで、あらゆる商品に、経験豊富な通関スタッフが、対応いたします。 その機敏な対応が、お客様のトラブルを未然に防ぎます。

Experienced personnel who has in depth knowledge of customs clearance deal with your various kinds of requirements from foodstuffs to regulatory requirements which need inspections.
To suit you needs, we organize customs clearance procedures by giving you maximum flexibility, concentrating on rapidity sensitively and seeking the best way from our wide range of solutions.
Reliability in our Customs clearance department is an essential factor.


運輸 Transport



We can provide our own trucks and dedicated drivers who are fully aware of transportation sarvices to suit each requirements. Since we give personal attention to seek the best transportation way to meet each customers requirement, our on-time and value added delivery will satisfy you. Confidence in our Transportation department is an essential factor.